Aptara family

The compact lightweight tree

The XMT has a novel flowpath allowing it to be configured with different caps as the pressure in the well changes. This also makes the tree smaller, requiring smaller vessels to install it, reducing cost and environmental footprint. This was the first animation in the Aptara family, so we needed to make sure we had a brand and a pattern that could be reused for the other products.

The compact manifold

The Aptara manifold consists of off-the-shelf blocks with valves drilled into them. This means you can assemble it faster, and it is more compact than traditional manifolds. In order to get the message across, we made a more factory-oriented environment where the manifold magically comes together and finds its way to the seabed.

The Aptara System

Once the two animations were done, we were set to create a video depicting the overall system and the remaining components. We used clips from both videos and added a narrative on top which included the missing elements.