Digital Enablement

Subsea technology is going digital in order to bring visiblity and predictability to the operators. Baker Hughes has developed new digital solutions to monitor equipment integrity and flow assurance. We helped them visualize the new solutions and created an animation that highlights how their platform works and how it fits into the bigger picture of digital enablement.

A digital environment

How can operators make sure the equipment on the seabed isn't leaking or is prone to malfunction? How can they optimize the flow in the pipes so that more of the energy is brought to the surface. Combining sensor data from the reservoir all the way to topside gives a better picture of the situation and helps identify where actions are needed and when. This is the gist of the story we wanted to tell. So we created a user interface where we show the field as a virtual 3D environment where the user can navigate and interact in order to bring information about the equipment to the surface.

User friendliness

It was important that the interface looked realistic and user friendly, as well as fit with the Baker Hughes brand, but not appear too naive or simplistic.

We chose a dark theme to make it easier to blend between the digital subsea environment and the infographic elements. We also created a small library of assets and a moodboard for consistency.

Animating interactivity

The challenge was bringing all the elements together in an experience that feels tidy, informative and easy to navigate. Having human hands pushing menus and buttons made it feel more realistic, and gave the animation a rythm and some dynamics. The video premiered in December 2019 and helped Baker Hughes clients visualize the potential of digital solutions.