The iFarm system uses sensor technology from bottle recycling to give each salmon in a pen its own health journal. We have followed the project from its infancy and created several films and marketing material for Biosort, and as they were taken on board by Cermaq, we continued to supply illustrations and animations.

Initial Concept

We helped create the first 3D prototype of the sensor box with a short animation, and as the project gained traction, we were given the task of creating a more story-based video showing the entire system from the scanning in the pen to automatically sorting fish in the control room.

The video was translated to chinese and japanese to be used in asian markets.

The power of data

Later on, when the project were applying for concessions, we created several collaterals to explain the benefits of individualized health data not only to the farmers themselves, but to the entire industry as well as the government.

A new animation with drone footage from one of the Cermaq locations as well as more illustrations, infographics and a brochure.