A cutting tool for subsea installations


The piranha was a concept design for an underwater cutting machine to make it lighter, have less drag and look more attractive. The design was drawn from the previous models by Eker Design and taken a step further with the help of open subdivisions.

Preliminary design

The preliminary product concept was designed to be cut out from steel plates, but would create a lot of drag and didn’t fit into the product portfolio of the customer. Their previous products used a design pattern with yellow and black features, which formed part of their design identity, and they wanted to explore other directions for this product.

First iteration

For the first iteration, I used the design pattern of previous products to make the product look leaner whilst being more rugged. This design would allow for efficient manufacturing whilst keeping the style of the company intact.

Final iteration

The final iteration was designed using the second prototype as the base shape, then through multiple steps of subdivision, cutting out and rounding off the features, we ended up with an organic, more dynamic and lighter looking form. Since we had broken away from the yellow design pattern and we wanted something futuristic and expensive looking, the concept was textured in carbon fibre to make it appear light, strong and exclusive.