Subsea Connect in Action

Subsea Connect is a creative campaign with four pillars:

  • Project connect
  • Reservoir to topside technology solutions
  • Collaborative partnerships and commercial models
  • Digital enablement

All have the aim to reduce time to first oil, reduce total expenditure and increase recovery. The goal for the annual meeting was to show how far they have come in the first year since the launch.


The project title sparked the idea of a hero image with the Aptara product coming towards you, and their lightness made it natural to have them floating in the air. As a background for the stand, the client had a large LED-screen they wanted to fill so we created a digital duvet with particles and had the pillar logos appear with regular intervals.

Interactive Screens

In order to show all the awards the Subsea Connect campaign has been granted, we created a touch screen experience where the user can browse the projects on a globe as well as see more information about each of the pillars.

In addition, we created an interactive experience for each of the Aptara products, as a digital twin next to a physical model. We had 5 vertical 4K 65 inch displays where the model can be rotated allowing the user to explore the selling points.