Telia ad

As Telia is building out the 5G-network across Norway, they need to show how it can be used, and for that, they need some kick-ass action sequences.

Xvision supported Harald Zwart with virtual production on most of the key shots, seamlessly blending with high action indoor and outdoor shots and VFX-shots from Gimpville and Expanse.

The garage was recreated in 3ds Max from photos and measurements and lightbaked with Vray. I created, lit and mapped the rough interior before it was handed over to my colleague for refinement. It was then imported to Unreal and I animated the cars path through the tunnel to match the footage from the shoot.

On the scene from Lofoten, we simply added a tracked plane in Unreal with the outdoor view to make the handheld shots look real with full paralax-effect.

We also converted a science fiction hospital to avoid having to dress an entire room for one shot.

The scenery was on an LED so we saved the travel costs of the entire crew

On the shooting day as production supervisor I was in direct collaboration with the director and the DOP, to ensure we used our full set of capabilities every step of the way, and to communicate the desires of the director and photographer to the team.

Sometimes, you just need to put the pedal to the metal.