Built on Microsoft Azure, the Veracity-platform provides a secure place to store, fetch and share data with other analytics and service providers, as well as facilitates an ecosystem of applications for the maritime industry.

The 3D platform

Data can be difficult to visualize, and we wanted to show how the data flowed from different sources, but also what value it gave to the industry as a whole. We ideated and created several concepts and moodboards to give ourselves and the client some choice in terms of direction and branding. We ended up with a white platform representing the database with applications and datasets as a layer of coloured blocks on top.

With Veracity and DNV-GL coming from the maritime industry, we wanted the ocean to play the part in the animation and modelled a coastline with several of the target industries represented. This allowed us to show different use cases and end with a blast of value being generated by the synergy within the industry.