Welcome to Erik Hals Portfolio

Cameraman filming a villain hanging out of a window
Two hands in a VR experience
A futuristic user interface shaped like a wheel
A remotely operated subsea vehicle attached by umbilical to a subsea vessel.
A birch and a black lounge chair
A hand holding a steering wheel
A submarine lands on the seabed next to a return point
A woman looking at an AR representation of a fugitive camp
Oizom sensor on a pole in front of a field
A robot picking out a deceased egg from a basket
A stand at an expo with interactive touchscreens
Icons of different topics
A finger pushing a button with digital enablement
A hand holding a digital subsea tree
A man with AR goggles grabs a virtual structure
A subsea tree with a larger one overlaid
A colored cube symbolizing a data layer
A person using the Xhance nasal spray device
A fish swimming through a sensor
A cutting tool for subsea installations
Two box-shaped computers with screens on all sides